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Newbie with a question about geo filter and matchmaking.

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I have purchased this router and was wondering if what I would like to achieve is possible and, if so, how to accomplish it.

I play Destiny 2 and would like to only match make against my friends in PVP (crucible).
I tried using geo filter, minimizing the distance all the way.

I have clicked on my friends and added them to ALLOW.

When we initiate matchmaking, most of the time others are introduced to our game instance preventing our group from playing against each other.
I have set my "location" to other parts of the world and still the results are the same.

Am I doing something wrong?
Are there other steps I can take to increase a matchmaking success?

Or is what I am trying to accomplish not possible?

Thank you,

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In a game with a simpler server structure, what you're doing would be easy, but Destiny 2 has a rather complicated server structure that makes this harder.

The best results with Destiny 2 happen when Strict Mode is turned off in Geo-Filter.

It's also possible that you might get better results by turning on Ping Assist.

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