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  1. Just doing a weekly check in to see if there has been any progress. Thank you.
  2. Hi, Hi, I was just checking in to see if there were any updates Thank you
  3. I went home and checked/tried all 3. "Get dynamically from ISP" was checked in both boxes. Running the setup wizard said I was not connected to the internet, check the cables etc. Backup/Restore did nothing either. Maybe it is hardware related as I can still hook up to the internet directly through the modem. Is "Administration > Backup Settings" different than the paper clip in the back method or do they do the same thing?
  4. Thank you for the advice. I will give this a try when I go home for lunch today.
  5. I have Spectrum internet. Speeds were getting sluggish so their IT had me reboot my modem, unplug it for 2 minutes. I unplugged the modem and my router and waited a few minutes. I plugged my modem back in and waited for the connectivity lights to come on and waited a few minutes more. Then I plugged my router back in. I did not mess with any of the ethernet cables. The issue I am having is the "Internet" light on the router is a flashing amber. There is no wi-fi connection and my PS4 which is hardwired to the router has no connection either. If I go straight from my modem to my PS4 I do have internet so I know that is working. Any suggestions on how to get my router to reconnect to my modem and receive internet connection? I have no idea if this is Netduma related but am looking for advice everywhere. Thank you.
  6. I will give this a try thank you. I did do a search here and will try setting my location in the ocean as well lol
  7. I have purchased this router and was wondering if what I would like to achieve is possible and, if so, how to accomplish it. I play Destiny 2 and would like to only match make against my friends in PVP (crucible). I tried using geo filter, minimizing the distance all the way. I have clicked on my friends and added them to ALLOW. When we initiate matchmaking, most of the time others are introduced to our game instance preventing our group from playing against each other. I have set my "location" to other parts of the world and still the results are the same. Am I doing something wrong? Are there other steps I can take to increase a matchmaking success? Or is what I am trying to accomplish not possible? Thank you, Gregg
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