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Hi All,

I have a R1 on DumaOS and I'm having an issue with VPN access to my coperate network.

My phone VPN connection works on 3G data but does not work when I go to R1 Wifi - So it looks like my phone settings are OK.

My laptop and iPad do not work on R1 Wifi.

I swapped the R1 out for a Belkin router and I can acess my VPN on all devices - So my Virgin SH3 in modem mode is ok, which just leaves the R1.

Any idea whats going on and if there are any settings I can change?

Any help appreciated - this is driving me mad!

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Okay this might be something to do with DumaOS, I believe a few people have had this. Lets double check, If you downgrade using this file: 

and then use preemptive mode for Anti-Flood in Congestion Control does that work? If so then just to confirm switch to reactive, does it stop working then. 

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