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  1. That works! Thanks for your help - very much appreciated.
  2. Thanks Fraser - Disable QoS ticked and applied but no change.
  3. Hi All, I have a R1 on DumaOS and I'm having an issue with VPN access to my coperate network. My phone VPN connection works on 3G data but does not work when I go to R1 Wifi - So it looks like my phone settings are OK. My laptop and iPad do not work on R1 Wifi. I swapped the R1 out for a Belkin router and I can acess my VPN on all devices - So my Virgin SH3 in modem mode is ok, which just leaves the R1. Any idea whats going on and if there are any settings I can change? Any help appreciated - this is driving me mad!
  4. Hi - 2 weeks into my gaming revolution and things are going well. I've just noticed (realised) that my IPS is throttling my connection during peak hours. I've set up my bandwidth at 200/12 (as advertised) but realistically during my gaming I'm at 70/7. Whats the best course of action here? Leave it at 200/12 Leave it at 70/7 or change it about? Any advise greatly appreciated
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