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R1 in bridge mode with ISP router - effectiveness?

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Hey guys, long time no see! :)


Edit: Sorry im using the DumaOS Beta firmware, wrong forum section.

Maybe a moderator can move this to the correct sub forum :(.


sadly im really busy lately so less forum attendance than id like, therefore im not able to answer this question on my own.

Either way back in the days i remember Iain said that while you can use the R1 behind a router that the ISP forces you to use, this setup will be less effective than using a modem + R1 the regular way.

Now my ISP starts to force me using their router for ISDN or IP telephoning, however it has the option to turn it into bridge mode which

- deactivates the wlan

- only sources traffic coming from the router into the internet

- no other network device will be connected to the ISP router, only the phones. So basically everything is handled by the R1


now my question is how effective will this setup be with the new DumaOS? Did anything change since Iain did that statement?

Can i still expect my ping to be rock solid with QoS 70% on the R1 while streaming or downloading?
Im also curious in regards to the new QoS features that Iain teased, will those suffer from my setup?

i have my R1 since the early bird release and do not want to stop using it now, if you guys tell me that my experience will suffer then id rather look into buying an expensive modem that supports telephoning than using the ISP router...

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So as I understand it, the only thing going directly through the ISP router would be the VoIP telephones? Looking online, the recommended speed for VoIP (per simultaneous call) is 3mbps up and 3mbps down.

Depending on how fast your connection is, this might be a tiny portion or a sizeable chunk of your bandwidth. For example if you're on like 500mbps, I doubt it would have any effect at all. If you're only on 10mbps then there could be an issue. Of course this is only when people are actually on the phone.

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