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Bandwidth allocation experimenting.. confused

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I've been experimenting with bandwidth allocation and I'm not understanding something.  When I set antibufferbloat to the desired speed, whether on Always or High Priority Traffic Detected, my devices adhere to the limit I set.  If I want to limit a certain device even further, I set the bandwidth but nothing changes.  It will still adhere to the percentage set by anti bufferbloat.  In other words:

1. Activate Anti Bufferbloat to either Always or When High Priority Traffic Detected, set to 70% upload/download (in my case is 630Mbps for both).

2. All devices max internet connection speed is ~630Mbps (tested via speedtest.net).

3. Set one device to only 10Mbps upload/download via bandwidth allocation.

4. Run speedtest on said device and still get 630Mbps.

Am I missing something?


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There is an options button in the Bandwidth allocation window, this opens a side panel where you can toggle Share Excess. If you disable this, your slowed down devices will never take more than their limit. You have to untick this box separately for Download and for Upload.

The Share Excess option is intended to allow devices to use extra bandwidth when the network isn't busy, but in your case you probably want to disable it.

Hope this helps!

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