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So I have the bad boy XR700 and every two days or so the LAN will drop connection. WIFI will stay on and all can surf but any LAN connected device loses connection. I have two LAN connected items my XBOX One and my MAC Mini. I have opened up a trouble ticket with NETGEAR case number 41044832. 

My experience with NETGEAR was once they found I was on this product I was instantly sent to level 2 tech support. Level two stated that I just needed to replace the hardware. I am not so sure that is the issue. So I am hoping I can get a little more troubleshooting before I call the hardware busted.

Standing by to run this to the ground. 




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Hi - is this just on the Xbox(es)? If so, could you try disabling Instant-On mode on them and see if that fixes the problem? There's a known issue that Microsoft are looking into.

If it's happening across multiple devices, then it sounds like a dodgy switch on the router. Best thing to do here is get a replacement, as annoying as that is to arrange.

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Just as a theory. Have you tried a different LAN cable between you and the router. Could be hardware but also could be as simple as a cable. It’s obviously getting connection to the router if the wireless works. So it’s not between your modem and the router. It just surprises me that one port would work and the others wouldn’t work well. I mean I realize WAN is not a part of the LAN, though on some devices you can specify any port to become the WAN. This of course is using other types of firmware. 

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