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A working Geofilter

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8 hours ago, Zippy said:

Im with yah! Always keep the faith! There were many times I felt I wasn't being heard.. Like standing on a little soap box in a big crowd! lol.. Some times we just need to step back and just wait.. I think the XR500 would make a good option for you once things get sorted for it.. Something tells me that this next milestone should make very positive head way.. I think there is a reason why this next firmware is taking longer... Theres issues that they are totally stomping out!  I just hope im not wishing for a miracle!  :) Keep in touch and lets see what responses others get from this next new milestone! 


Agreed, the only thing the xr700 does more than the 500 is wifi. Those products all had the same processors from what I could tell. Though I only looked briefly, I would say the 450/500 is the best bang for buck. Idk about the xr300 I mean that may still very well be a great one too. Ill have to research them but in the meantime, idk not sure if im gonna bother still. But thanks Zip, I appreciate the positivity and trying to keep your head up lol. Ive been on here long enough to see how things have been, I only most recently got active again because I used DumaOS finally and before that I could not manage my own router where I have been renting the last few times.

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Guest Killhippie
On 4/18/2019 at 10:07 PM, Danny80916 said:

The xr700 is a quad core processor and the xr450 , xr500 are a dual core.  I really like the xr700 I think with my network I needed it over the 500 .

XR450/500 is technically Quad core with the big LITTLE approach with two smaller 800Mhz cores running networking and two 1.7Ghz cores doing other stuff. Both routers will run 250 devices.


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