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Geo filter not showing servers (Fifa 19 PC)


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So I recently switched from xbox to PC. I changed my PC in device management to an xbox console. I am able to load my PC on the devices but for some reason nothing shows up on the map, no servers etc (see picture)


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  • Netduma Staff
11 hours ago, R.J.H1991 said:

Forgot to add -- I'm playing fifa 19 (if that helps in anyway)

Hi, welcome to the forum! The Geo-Filter shows data transfer in real-time, so if there's nothing showing on the map it's likely that the incorrect device has been added. It's a really easy mistake to make if it's the cause - double check the IP address of the PC you've added against your PC just to see if it's the right device.

If that isn't the solution, try flushing the cloud, then delete your device, reset your PC and your router then re-add it to the Geo-Filter.

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