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  1. R.J.H1991

    Geo filter not showing servers (Fifa 19 PC)

    Forgot to add -- I'm playing fifa 19 (if that helps in anyway)
  2. So I recently switched from xbox to PC. I changed my PC in device management to an xbox console. I am able to load my PC on the devices but for some reason nothing shows up on the map, no servers etc (see picture)
  3. Using the geo filter in fut champs on xbox, I've noticed that it doesn't seem to work regularly. For example today I was searching for games and no matter what I set my ping to it would still connect me to an opponent, even when I set my location to US only i was still getting matched on the European servers. Is there any quick fix for this? Or any known reason why this happens? Also I'm trying to setup a hybrid VPN, I have a subscription to IPVanish but I have no idea how to set it up on my router. I put my login details on the advanced settings but then I don't know what to put in the final box (can't remember what it's called) but I read something about entering an openvpn config whatever that means. I couldn't find anything to do with open VPN on ip vanish other than a port number. Any help would be greatly appreciated:)
  4. So I'm wanting to buy a netduma today but wondering if this will even help my situation. I recently moved from the UK to Michigan, USA My fut champs connections are very inconsistent and for the most part it just feels like I'm playing with a high ping. Perhaps I'm connecting to wrong server for my location? 😕 i guess my question is -- would the geo-filter definitely improve my situation ? I have 176mbps download and 13mbps upload on my xbox with a latency of 57. I play wired using a 50ft ethernet to connect to my comcast modem/router. I've forwarded all ports and disabled upnp
  5. No idea if this would even help but I've read a fair bit about VPNs possibly benefitting gamers. Would purchasing ExpressVPN and adding it to my xbox one for fifa 19 help at all? My connection seems fine at the beginning of games, however it's like i slowly sync out of them. They become slower, heavy and sluggish as the game goes on.