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Ping viewer for streamlabs OBS

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i am trying to get my current ping in game to show up on my stream. via streamlabs obs . how to get this done is by adding a source called web browser and add the web page to it. but when i do i can not get the dumaos home page to show as it is needing password. and unfortunately i cannot add the password and username in.  is there a way of adding this feature ie a pop out brower source? so i can include the stats to my stream?

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10 hours ago, Netduma Fraser said:

?Don't think that is possible as requires a username/password. Could you not have the browser open and select it that way?

Morning Fraser 

i have tried everything but it's not possible.

would of been a cool feature to have in my streams. plus it would've been advertising the DumaOS as well.  

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