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Strange Mac address issue

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I've a strange issue that keeps popping up. I have a mac address 96:2b:ad:c6:b3:e6 and I just can't work out what this is.

I have setup up the XR500 from scratch several times and after a short period this mac address appears.

I've an EX8000 extender and have attached a photo showing the address under the 8000 and i thought it might be my iPad pro due to an ip address which was the same but I can't find doing a google search anything relating to the mac address. 

How can I track this down, its blocked but it has me baffled to what this is.




Screen Shot 2019-03-23 at 09.49.26.png

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I could not resolve the MAC address online either. Usually though the devices connected to the extender are shown on the device manager as individual devices, is this not the case?

Also the extender has its' own interface, have you looked on this to see what it is? I suspect it's just the MAC of the extender itself.

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Hi thanks for your help.

Ive double checked the extender and if its off then this mac address is off to and its listed under device on the netduma software but nothing on Netgears software. Im wondering if its maybe something to do with the way the extender works, backhaul channels or something but I'm lost at what it is. 

I will unblock it and just monitor it, the network monitor shows nothing is going out or coming in which is strange. Love that feature by the way.

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