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Connecting to American or Greek servers only

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Running the R1 on PS4 with no problems for months, then last week n half I can only connect to Greek or American servers. I’m in the Uk, no matter what I do I get one of them, drop distance down and ping up, get America, up distance and drop ping I get Greece, can not get a uk server. Strict doesn’t make a difference either.

Upgraded back to Dumaos hoping this would solve it but it’s the same, what can I do to solve this.

Thanks in advance 

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When you boot up the game, do you see servers located in the UK, Northern France etc?

What are your current Geo-Filter settings? Easiest way to show this is to take a screenshot of your Geo-Filter, with your Geo-Filter Map options expanded.

For example, we'd like to know if you're in Filtering Mode, if you have Ping Assist enabled etc.

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