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  1. Running the R1 on PS4 with no problems for months, then last week n half I can only connect to Greek or American servers. I’m in the Uk, no matter what I do I get one of them, drop distance down and ping up, get America, up distance and drop ping I get Greece, can not get a uk server. Strict doesn’t make a difference either. Upgraded back to Dumaos hoping this would solve it but it’s the same, what can I do to solve this. Thanks in advance
  2. server location on the map -west coast america Host Type Dedicated ID 9718dba6b5366469 Domain host- Ping 23 Your location UK
  3. Hi everyone I've been having horrible lag on Black ops 4 ( ps4 ) lately, has anyone who's got DumaOS on the R1 with tick rate tested what it actually is. I'm very curious to know but can't as I'm not one of the lucky ones who's got it yet. Can anyone help 20181101_181312.mp4
  4. Having upgraded in the open beta I've noticed my speeds have dropped from 200mb download to around 30mb, upload speeds dont seem to be affected.,All settings saved and carried over. All speed tests done with speedtest on pc with bufferbloat on and off, when done on ps4 i was getting kbps although i know this is an unreliable test, Advised by yourselves on twitter to downgrade, done this and it improved but still wasnt getting full speeds. Thought i broke it when couldn't log into interface after downgrade, didnt know to clear cache ( not very tech savvy ) thanks for help again. However this morning I've upgraded again and things are working how they should I will keep an eye on it and report back if it happens again and thanks for the help
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