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Netduma Forum Login Issues


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Hi all,

I’m not sure if it’s just me, but when I try and sign into the forum using display name/email, it doesn’t recognize my password, caps lock isn’t on, and I’ve tried on iOS (safari), windows pc and chrome. It continues to give me the red “password incorrect banner”.

i then need to reset my password, when I reset my password it automatically logs me in, but when I log out, or my session times out and I try sign in again it always results in my account being locked for 15mins. I then have to reset my password every time I wish to log in.

is anyone else experiencing this? Or is it just me?




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9 minutes ago, Netduma Fraser said:

Hi Andy, did you sign up to the forum before the forum upgrade took place by any chance?

Hello again Fraser,

According to my profile, i signed up on January 7th 2019, unsure when the upgrade took place.

I believe i have figured out the issue, if i sign in using my username it works.

if i sign in using my email, it hates me 😐

today isnt my day haha


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