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11 hours ago, Enrik said:


can anyone tell me if it’s possible decrease ping on BO4 , I am in Australia and the main server is in sydney

i bough xr500 but can not find any ways to drop the ping..

can anyone help me 


Hi Enrik, welcome to the forum :) are you able to connect to that main Sydney server every time using the Geo-Filter?

DumaOS has a ton of tools built to reduce your ping and improve your online experience. QoS has three such features - I'd recommend setting Anti-Bufferbloat to 70/70. That's a unique solution to prevent your ping from spiking while you have downloads etc running. Traffic Prioritisation is also working in the background to put your gaming data first, ensuring nothing in the home increases your ping.

If you're playing BO4 and connecting to the nearest server, that's fantastic. You can't hope for better on the Geo-Filter side - it'd be worth exploring QoS and ways to improve your line quality.


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