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  1. SO yeah I live in Western Australia Perth and black ops servers are in Sydney . I usually play with a ping that goes between 72 to 78 but my friends in Sydney play with ping that goes between 28-40 .. for me it’s quite hard sometimes to play properly just because of this small delay in the game .. what to do in this situation ?
  2. Oh I see well I tried with dsl reports and like I was saying I didn’t get to see much difference regarding the internet connection . QOS I tried 70-70 and following up always del report I found out that upload goes pretty good on 52, but download there s no right numbers for it . Basically what I was trying to do with the net Duma , I wanted to remove that delay that I have during the game and get the game to be more smooth . Since I can not have a lower ping , what can I do to make sure to don’t have delay when I shoot .
  3. Hi What’s the best netduma xr500 settings for playing bo4 ? geo filter download upload ping QOS dsl reports thanks
  4. Also I am running a 100mb down 30 mg up approximatey , because it always bounces
  5. Hi can anyone tell me if it’s possible decrease ping on BO4 , I am in Australia and the main server is in sydney i bough xr500 but can not find any ways to drop the ping.. can anyone help me thanks
  6. Hi there 

    I will try to explain my problem and hope you will understand and you can help me ..thanks in advance

    so I live in Perth WEstern Australia and when I play Black ops 4 I have a ping that goes between 72 to 80 With nbn and an internet connection ( 100mb in download ) . I bought the NETDUMA last week and tried to set it up but for some reason I couldn’t connect the modem straigh to the socket because of the internet cable , that means that the hole in the socket it’s too small for the internet cable that NETDUMA box provides, and the netduma cable is to big to fit in the socket .. 

    iwas wondering now , is there any chance to be able to connect the netduma straight to the socket with a proper cable ? Or I need to use 2 router .

    also ,using both of the Devices connected , I tried  to set up the netduma through my laptop and tried to change the download and upload in QOS many times ..after this I did a speed test online in the website DSLREPORTS and once finished and check share my result , it shows that the red bar in the download speed is still high ( no matter what I do , but can not drop it )..

    If anyone knows what I m talking about , please message me 

    I would really appreciate it a lot 






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