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  1. SO yeah I live in Western Australia Perth and black ops servers are in Sydney . I usually play with a ping that goes between 72 to 78 but my friends in Sydney play with ping that goes between 28-40 .. for me it’s quite hard sometimes to play properly just because of this small delay in the game .. what to do in this situation ?
  2. Oh I see well I tried with dsl reports and like I was saying I didn’t get to see much difference regarding the internet connection . QOS I tried 70-70 and following up always del report I found out that upload goes pretty good on 52, but download there s no right numbers for it . Basically what I was trying to do with the net Duma , I wanted to remove that delay that I have during the game and get the game to be more smooth . Since I can not have a lower ping , what can I do to make sure to don’t have delay when I shoot .
  3. Hi What’s the best netduma xr500 settings for playing bo4 ? geo filter download upload ping QOS dsl reports thanks
  4. Also I am running a 100mb down 30 mg up approximatey , because it always bounces
  5. Hi can anyone tell me if it’s possible decrease ping on BO4 , I am in Australia and the main server is in sydney i bough xr500 but can not find any ways to drop the ping.. can anyone help me thanks
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