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Ping mismatch, geofilter, and dedicated server issues


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I am having a few issues with the XR500 on black ops 4:

1) My xr500 shows a ping to the host that is entirely different than shown in the Bo4 ping plot. It seems like the Bo4 ping is correct based on the gameplay, why? This makes it extremely difficult to narrow down the servers that are unfavorable within the xr500. The dedicated server icon shows up to most of these places.

2) the geofilter doesn’t show all of the players connected to the host like it used to in WW2 unless I’m the host of a custom match. Why? I need this feature so I can block players with bad connections.

3) can I get a legend that shows the symbols in the geofilters next to their meanings?

4) when setting the geofilter to “filter” and with strict mode turned off, all of my friends added already, I cannot find a match. I live in central US with the Chicago, Texas, Missouri, and Alabama(?) servers within my radius, all of which are allowed, and I cannot connect. My NAT type is type 2.

5) some players shown in the geofilter live in the same city or really close together and the icons for these players cannot be separated when clicked, is there a way you could allow the icons for these players in the geofilter to expand outward from their original point so that they can be viewed and distinguished? Kind of like the interface for multiple points in one location in Google Earth.


i appreciate your help

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Please see my answers below for your questions, hopefully it helps:

  1. The in game ping is different because it includes things like processing delay etc. All games have this, some choose to include it in their ping measurement, others don't. There is absolutely nothing you can do about those factors. All you can do is focus on the ping to the server which is what the Geo-Filter can help you with.
  2. You won't always see the players on the map when connecting to a dedicated server. As it's a server based game blocking the players wouldn't make a difference because they connect to the server, not you. You cannot influence whether they connect to the server or not.
  3. You can see the legend here: http://support.netduma.com/en/support/solutions/articles/16000071909-nighthawk-xr500-user-manual-guide- only thing missing are dashed circles around an icon which means it's been Ping Assisted.
  4. What appears on your Geo-Filter when this happens?
  5. Use the zoom function to zoom into the map, should then be easier to separate the icons and click on them
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Thanks again for your help, just a couple follow up questions, I can share the photo do geofilter later when I’m home:

2) if I’m connected to a dedicated server, and am in a lobby on that server, then blocking a player that connects to that lobby (if I could indeed see him on the map) won’t do anything at all then unless I’m hosting a game for example in a custom match or in a voice chat party (PS4), is that correct?

Secondly, If this is the case then wouldn’t geofilter also not work since you can’t block players? Or does geofilter simply allow searching for matches until all players connected are within my radius? How does it know players are outside the radius if it won’t show me players connected to the dedicated server? This may involve some rather technical details that may go over my head but I’m just genuinely interested. If they are independent of one another, then I completely understand.

3) this is extremely helpful, thank you!

4) will post photo when I return home.


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Number 2 is exactly right. The Geo-Filters job is to get you the closest possible game/server. Some players may be within your radius but like you have experienced in the past without the Geo-Filter the game could put you anywhere. You have the advantage because you have a low ping to the server. So really I would ignore players on the Geo-Filter unless you're in a custom game, P2P game or in chat. You want the closest/lowest ping server which is what the Geo-Filter allows you to get. 

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