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  1. Thanks again for your help, just a couple follow up questions, I can share the photo do geofilter later when I’m home: 2) if I’m connected to a dedicated server, and am in a lobby on that server, then blocking a player that connects to that lobby (if I could indeed see him on the map) won’t do anything at all then unless I’m hosting a game for example in a custom match or in a voice chat party (PS4), is that correct? Secondly, If this is the case then wouldn’t geofilter also not work since you can’t block players? Or does geofilter simply allow searching for matches until all players connected are within my radius? How does it know players are outside the radius if it won’t show me players connected to the dedicated server? This may involve some rather technical details that may go over my head but I’m just genuinely interested. If they are independent of one another, then I completely understand. 3) this is extremely helpful, thank you! 4) will post photo when I return home.
  2. I am having a few issues with the XR500 on black ops 4: 1) My xr500 shows a ping to the host that is entirely different than shown in the Bo4 ping plot. It seems like the Bo4 ping is correct based on the gameplay, why? This makes it extremely difficult to narrow down the servers that are unfavorable within the xr500. The dedicated server icon shows up to most of these places. 2) the geofilter doesn’t show all of the players connected to the host like it used to in WW2 unless I’m the host of a custom match. Why? I need this feature so I can block players with bad connections. 3) can I get a legend that shows the symbols in the geofilters next to their meanings? 4) when setting the geofilter to “filter” and with strict mode turned off, all of my friends added already, I cannot find a match. I live in central US with the Chicago, Texas, Missouri, and Alabama(?) servers within my radius, all of which are allowed, and I cannot connect. My NAT type is type 2. 5) some players shown in the geofilter live in the same city or really close together and the icons for these players cannot be separated when clicked, is there a way you could allow the icons for these players in the geofilter to expand outward from their original point so that they can be viewed and distinguished? Kind of like the interface for multiple points in one location in Google Earth. i appreciate your help
  3. No problem, i appreciate the advice in helping solve this. It could be server inconsistencies as mentioned, but its oddly consistent: The in game ping would go from 30-35ms at times and spike up to 80-100ms on the chart. What is odd is that after it spikes the ping plot will disappear, the server location on the geofilter will disappear, and there will be no information on the host on the map (as typically evident by the icons, or even having the ping plot)."Skiped spike rrt" would also show in the logs at the same time this occurred, but I do not know if it disappears before or after skiped spike shows up. This behavior is oddly consistent, but where it becomes inconsistent is when it shows a dedicated server in Belgium as the host. When it shows the Belgium server, it gives me a suspiciously low ping (35ms), and it spikes up to 100-150ms on every gunfight, but the ping graph never disappears, and skiped spike shows up again in the logs. Edit: When i mentioned it shows a ping spike for the duration of the game in my last post, i meant to say the ping spikes were consistent. Not necessarily that the ping was elevated the entire game. Keep in mind, I am located in the mid-western United States. I have all wifi devices turned off and unplugged, I have QoS enabled (which was rigorously tested at dslreports.com, tuned to best anti-bufferbloat settings I could get). I've taught myself quite a bit about optimization of my internet connection for gaming, but I don't want to think I've learned it all. Perhaps I could talk one-on-one with an individual with your team and review my settings to see if there's anything else I could optimize?
  4. Yes, it shows an increase in ping for the duration of the game while also showing "skiped spike rrt" in the logs. It just happened again tonight, and on the server where I typically have the lower ping. I just logged off and for about the last 7 minutes it showed "skiped spike rrt" in my logs, the exact same time I was connected in the laggy game.
  5. I have been receiving this "skiped spike rrt" about once or more every two weeks. Each time it comes up I get very laggy games on dedicated servers that I usually have the best gameplay on. I don't quite believe that "it's just something for the dev's to worry about", especially after seeing the location of players in the lobby relative to the server in comparison to my location. Could you at least briefly tell me what it is? You can be as technical as you want, I would just like to know what it is at least.
  6. Thank you, Fraser. Other than experiencing noticeable changes in internet service that are common during an actual DoS attack, do you have any examples of a DoS attack in the router logs? Or do we only bring it up if we are there to witness the attack and the slowed internet service that may be associated with it.
  7. Support, For several weeks or longer I have been seeing "LAN access from remote" in my network's logs with a source IP from a specific port to a specific static IP and port of a device on my network. I have the device unplugged from the LAN ports and I am still receiving this message even though the device is "wired" in it's specific settings. I do not have any "remote" connection setup that I am aware of, and this message commonly shows up between "DoS Attack" messages. Not sure what is going on here, but I would like to know if I am under attack, if there is more I can do, and if there is any type of help section available that I can use to understand the following: "DoS Attack": when it should be recognized as an issue on my network? "skiped spike rrt": why do I see this often and why do I get serious in-game lag when it occurs? What is it? "LAN access from remote": no idea if this is normal or not.
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