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USB Storage - Media Server - unable to map drive help

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trying to connect up an external USB drive to act as a media storage DLNA device to allow family members to view movies etc.

However , after enabling Media Server settings , how exactly do you "map network drive" from a Windows 10 computer ?

the share name isnt available on the home network even though the same Workgroup is matched ? Just doesnt show up anywhere...?

\\XR500\Media\   doesnt work

or am i missing something important ?

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26 minutes ago, Netduma Fraser said:

If you go on "This PC" there should be a button at the top that says "Map Network Drive", is that what you're after?

yes im using that but the share isnt showing up on the network??, everything else on my network works fine except the share created on the XR500. just doesnt appear on any laptop or Pc on same network ?

i must assume this is function is broken on the XR500 ?

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