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I cant see the host I am connected to or the ping

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Hi all,

I was wondering whether I am doing something wrong, I have been searching online and this is my last resort. 

I have my range set to UK only ( I am in the UK) and I have strict mode on with a 30ms ping.

My first problem is that I cannot see the host descriptor to see  where I am connected to and what the ping is like. I click update and nothing happens. I click on the only circle I can see and it says I am not connected to it as update is there and not temp ban.

My second problem is that when it does show me where I am connected to, it is a dedicated server 8000Km away in america, I temp ban it but somehow, always seems to get through. This is the same with a server 2000Km 

I have played a lot of multiplayer over the Xmas period and this past week, my connection has been terrible.

Please help

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Hi Jay - are you on DumaOS? If not, please could you upgrade:

Once you have done that, or if you're already on DumaOS, please follow this optimal settings guide for the Geo-Filter: http://support.netduma.com/support/solutions/articles/16000077072-dumaos-optimal-settings-guide-geo-filter

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