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Found 7 results

  1. Hi, I am trying to play on a server which is in this area for CoD: Warzone, and I got that error. Did I miss something ?
  2. Hello everyone. I would like to solve my severe lag, hit detection and desync issues on warzone and other online games. I have a very low ping if I play on Italian servers <35ms and always <65 on other servers. But my ttk is much higher than the ttd, I get a super bullet and die in an instant. Then when I see the killcam and I see that the enemies have seen me a long time before and I often shoot empty even in the sky. When I shoot I don't miss shots but I happened to lose fights with people who were not shooting at me and were reloading the weapon. Obviously I use a good ethernet cable, the connection is excellent and I formatted the whole pc. I've tried using the factory settings and it doesn't change much. For me it is impossible to play so it is as if the enemies have 500hp and I have 50hp. I tried to change mtu to 1492 (my ideal mtu) to use it automatic, i changed dhcp connection with ppoe but the results are always bad. Help me resolve please I'm desperate. And as a last question I would like to understand how to prevent the game from always directing me to servers other than those I want to force with geofilter. I would like to play on the Italian server, to find other Italian people like me and it would make everything much easier. My friends find many more Italians, both those with 0.5 and also those with 2.5kd
  3. I selected multiple servers to be allowed, with 0 ping assist. Some days it feels fine, then somedays it will just go to 174 ping & not find me a match, the server will keep pinging, then disappearing again! Thanks in advance.
  4. Hey all, just wanted to ask if there are any updated maps to the server locations on modern warfare. I saw this map: https://forum.netduma.com/topic/29370-modern-warfare-dedicated-servers/ and some said that the map might be updated. For example, on that map it shows brussel as one of the locations, on another site they said the server is in amsterdam. Same with Germany, on the map it shows Stuttgart? (i think) and other sites say Frankfurt, or even no servers in germany at all. Maybe you know more than I do Thanks in advance! :)
  5. We should have the choice to connect to the servers we want. I think if the servers that are available to connect to could be lit up a different color and we could click and connect to the server we choose or If we don't click on a server before it connects like it is set to do currently it should just connect like duma has it set to do now. Players in your lobby should be lit from a scale of red to green on how good or poor their connection is. This way we can block players with bad signal. As it is now it's very hard to tell who is who to block them. Also labeling states would be cool.
  6. Geofilter active, PA active, getting server outside criteria can this be a misidentified location? Thank you
  7. Hi all, I was wondering whether I am doing something wrong, I have been searching online and this is my last resort. I have my range set to UK only ( I am in the UK) and I have strict mode on with a 30ms ping. My first problem is that I cannot see the host descriptor to see where I am connected to and what the ping is like. I click update and nothing happens. I click on the only circle I can see and it says I am not connected to it as update is there and not temp ban. My second problem is that when it does show me where I am connected to, it is a dedicated server 8000Km away in america, I temp ban it but somehow, always seems to get through. This is the same with a server 2000Km I have played a lot of multiplayer over the Xmas period and this past week, my connection has been terrible. Please help
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