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Hello team.


First things first, a big thank you for your hard work. 


I am a XR500 user for a month now (and I love it). There are a few things that I believe would make it even better, that said, I didn't go through all the requests so some might be duplicate.

Whilst being a gamer there are a few security features I'd like to see.

* New device on the network:

When a new device connects for the first time to the network (wired or not), having an "auto block" mode where an admin would have to connect and authorise the device to access the internet. 

Notification sent when a new device (unknown so far) connects onto the network (e-mail). 

* Network filtering / blocking:

Having the possibility to define windows in the schedule with the possibility to have either authorise if in the window or block if in the window. (e.g. Can access internet from 8 AM to 9 AM and 4 PM to 7 PM), but also having  a list of schedule for each day. (e.g. 8-10 am on Monday, Tuesday,... 10am-12 PM on Saturday). 

Define a per device list of schedule, for instance, device A has the schedule 1,2 and 3. Device B schedule 2 and 4 ... For instance, I have a child that plays his console and I want him to go to bed a 7 PM :) whilst another one older can have a bit longer access to the internet on school days. 

There are plenty more I'd like to see, but I think these ones are the top ones. I work in the software industry so I am very well aware that these requests are easier said than done, but hey, the only thing you risk when asking is getting a "no" back ;) 

Can't wait to get 1.3 on my XR500.

Looking forward hearing back from you.



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Hey, welcome to the forum!

Some good ideas there, I think features like this would be a bit further down the road. We have a seemingly endless list of features we want to create. You should be able to do somewhat of what you want for filtering/blocking in the Netgear settings though not as detailed. 

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