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Black ops 4, in game ping vs Duma ping??

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Hey all, I’m sure I’m not the only person to notice this and sorry if this has been mentioned before i haven’t seen a post about it. 

There is a huge difference (of about 15- 50ms) between ingane ping and what the R1 states. This can be either way aswell so yesterday I entered what seemed like a local EU lobby, in game ping graph said 60ms while the Duma stated 32ms. A more extreme example was when a friend hosted in game ping was in the high 90s while R1 stated like 38ms.

Does anyone know why this is happening and what do we trust? 

Thank you. 

Also in previous games my ping was far better than what it is now to the servers. Previous cods (bops3, IW and WW2) usually hovered around 12-20ms ping anything higher I’d consider a bad server and sometimes I’d even get the odd 9ms server. However in black ops 4 it’s usually 30+ By default even though the server locations seem the same. Could this be attributed to it being different servers, netcode or more people are playing ect?


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4 hours ago, Netduma Fraser said:

So the difference between the pings is because they add things like processing delay etc. All games will have it, some choose to include that in the ping calculation and others don't. There is no way for a user to minimise this, its just a part of the game. The Geo-Filter shows the ping from the router to the server, thats what you can control with the Geo-Filter and QoS. So I would only worry about the Geo-Filter ping as thats what you can control.

There could be lots of variables on why the ping differs from previous games, more players etc. As long as you're getting the closest server possible to you then that should be the best ping you can get.

Nice one cheers dude 

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