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  1. I’ve been using my asus router for a while, just to clarify has the issue been resolved for the PS4? Reading the comment there seems to be mixed reviews. Thnx
  2. This sh*t is becoming a joke now... Every game as soon as you start to dominate the host f*cking rage quits and the lobby crashes.... Getting losses for no damn reason and you lose challenge progress this needs sorting out ASAP! ... It may be working for you but this is not a solution, I’ve been playing on 0 ping assist for years i don’t get dedis
  3. Omg yes last few days have been getting into laggy servers (I don’t mean suspect lag, I’m talking about actual rubber banding) skipping all over the place! Having the odd host migrations and my friends can no longer host a lobby with me it keeps crashing when we search for a game! Duma seems broken atm?! I can provide videos of game plays if required. I play on the PS4 (regular not pro) location UK game type TDM And I’m on Duma os for the R1 1.3 Ping assist is set at 0 geo range is huge covers the whole of EU still having issues.
  4. Help I can’t remember my details can’t sign on what do I do??
  5. Hey all, I’m sure I’m not the only person to notice this and sorry if this has been mentioned before i haven’t seen a post about it. There is a huge difference (of about 15- 50ms) between ingane ping and what the R1 states. This can be either way aswell so yesterday I entered what seemed like a local EU lobby, in game ping graph said 60ms while the Duma stated 32ms. A more extreme example was when a friend hosted in game ping was in the high 90s while R1 stated like 38ms. Does anyone know why this is happening and what do we trust? Thank you. Also in previous games my ping was far better than what it is now to the servers. Previous cods (bops3, IW and WW2) usually hovered around 12-20ms ping anything higher I’d consider a bad server and sometimes I’d even get the odd 9ms server. However in black ops 4 it’s usually 30+ By default even though the server locations seem the same. Could this be attributed to it being different servers, netcode or more people are playing ect?
  6. Hey all, so as the title suggests I’ve started to have issues with blops4 since the hrtzgate issue which prompted 3arch to buff the server tick rate from 20 to 30 and since the 27th to 60htz. Rather than improve my experience it’s actually made it worse, a lot worse. Launch week connection felt good I had the few off games here and there but overall it was running fine. Now it’s so unpredictable, the off games are more commmon and sometimes the game changes mid game! First round of Dom is awful and I’m getting melted without even being able to react then suddenly the tables have turned and I start melting. My home connection is pretty decent. A+ for all on dsl reports and various tests have shown I have a solid 5-7 ms ping. View attached video for an example of my experience since update. Edit: attached video didn’t work so here is the link, 2849DB0A-0825-4341-9C1B-26BC8F7D2957.MOV
  7. Hey all as the title suggests im having issues with sites which i use to test ping over a period of time (think broadband). This only happens when using the netduma as i have not had any issues when using my asus. Im not sure whats causing it on the duma and i always keep vpn off so im open to ideas. Possible related symptoms: When i try to see my IP on websites i get this : 2a00:23c5:3a88:4a00:17c:74f6:8a5e:d3f5 Your public IP address + Im not sure if this is related but i cant also seem to use dsl reports anymore, when i try to run a test it measures download fine but when uploading it crashes out and gives an error message. Connection dropped during upload. for anyone who is wondering im on BT and my connection is Dreytek vigor modem > R1 (all tests i do are wired) I have tried to reset everything but just cant seem to get the above issues fixed. Anyway thnx!
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