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DHCP static - others having issues?

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Using Xr500 for several months.  I have been having an issue with a printer being recognized as being online.  Drops in and out on wireless device manager view. On previous router found way to resolve it was to assign a static IP and link PC to this IP address for printer.  Recently went about doing same and using DHCP reservation.  Twice I set static IP value for a device and router has behaved oddly afterwards. As FYI I have Xr500 with 20+ devices connected to unit, only 1 has a static IP assigned. 

Instance 1 - Router rebooted and would not reconnect to internet via cable modem, red lights and rebooting it failed to resolve issue on it's own 10minutes passed by.  Power router off an on and all returns to working state.

Instance 2 - Router rebooted and connected to internet for few minutes then errored out, red lights. Waited period of time (estimate couple minutes) and unit resolved itself. Red lights changed to white lights.  Connection has been good ever since.


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