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Geo Filtering per Device possible ?

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forgive me if this is a daft question, or its been asked already , but ....

Could it be developed that the Geo Filtering worked on a "per Device" basis, rather than all devices under the one Geo Filter "umbrella" ?

I ask because, at home the Geo filter comes into play for several devices (see below note: 1 x ps4 is not in the devices list but should be for this example)

Say i have 3 devices, PC, XB1 and PS4. 

Some, devices will perform better when assigned to a specific region. IE COD on PC is set to Amsterdam (has best server ping from my location)

and say, Fifa on XB1  may perform better on a completely different region. And Fortnite on PS4 may on another....

So it becomes a hassle each time having to set the radius for each device....

If there was a "Geo profile" for individual devices would solve it.

Can this be developed ?  (... i imagine it would throw a spanner in the works with the new Hybrid VPN function....whenever that might arrive...? 😉)





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Great idea and this is something we actually have on our roadmap so it’s very useful to hear you would like this feature. I’ll move this thread to the feedback section so we’ve got it clearly documented. 

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