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Geo Filtering per Device possible ?

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forgive me if this is a daft question, or its been asked already , but ....

Could it be developed that the Geo Filtering worked on a "per Device" basis, rather than all devices under the one Geo Filter "umbrella" ?

I ask because, at home the Geo filter comes into play for several devices (see below note: 1 x ps4 is not in the devices list but should be for this example)

Say i have 3 devices, PC, XB1 and PS4. 

Some, devices will perform better when assigned to a specific region. IE COD on PC is set to Amsterdam (has best server ping from my location)

and say, Fifa on XB1  may perform better on a completely different region. And Fortnite on PS4 may on another....

So it becomes a hassle each time having to set the radius for each device....

If there was a "Geo profile" for individual devices would solve it.

Can this be developed ?  (... i imagine it would throw a spanner in the works with the new Hybrid VPN function....whenever that might arrive...? 😉)





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