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Mesh WiFi options

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Currently have virgin superhub set to modem mode, and Duma as the router since it came out.


However, the WiFi coverage across the house is really bad, and have tried all options (power line adapters, extenders etc), and won’t be drilling holes through everything :)


That’s left me looking at getting a mesh network such as this:



Question is, what would be the best way to setup for mesh wifi to make use of 5Ghz WiFi channel, while still keeping all the functionality of the Duma? Could I plug the mesh into the Duma, disable the Duma WiFi and still run a 5Ghz network?


Alternatively, should I connect the mesh direct to the modem, plug the Duma into that, and disable its wireless capability - although guessing in that set up i’d lose the prioritisation capability.


Sorry if this has been posted elsewhere, I did look, honest! :)

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If you keep the R1 as your main host router, then I would configure the MESH system for AP mode. The main host router on the MESH system should have both router and AP mode. I would look into this.

Be sure your ISP modem is bridged as well and any wifi radios disabled on it and disable wifi on the R1 as well.


ISP modem>R1<>Mesh system in AP mode. This will be come your primary wifi system.

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  • Netduma Staff

Sorry dude, I jumped the gun a bit with the original bare bones post!


Welcome to the forum! The advice above is perfect - that should definitely be your setup moving forward. Please let us know how you get on with it or if you have any other questions.

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