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Allow servers / lag...

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Hello, I tell you what is happening to me ...
I have configured the geofilter in a radius of 3000km with center in Madrid, to play Splatoon 2 I have to allow a Peer server in the US, I give it to allow but it happens to me that sometimes when it tries to reconnect with server it blocks it and I have to give it again to allow, being the same server because it appears with the same name that had allowed it before.
It also happens to me that I am noticing an excess of lag, I play through cable, I am noticing it in games like Splatoon 2, Paladins and Rocket League ... with the antibufferbloat in 70% when it detects priority traffic. I have added the Nintendo Switch as a device manually, including all ports, from first to last and in both protocols. But the speed tests work well for me.
I was also disconnected the cable network connection when I was playing, having to reconnect ... this has only happened to me once.
As a suggestion as a nintendo switch user, I would like you to add this console as a device, and I also hope to use any VPN client, in my case ipvanish.


speed test performed with the 70% antibufferbloat




speed test performed with antibufferbloat deactivated.




forgive if my language is not very clear, I am using a translator.

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I would use Specating Mode for Splatoon for now until we update the cloud.


It's a very bad idea to prioritize the Switch like that. Just add it and use the service 'Games Console'. Thats all you need to do. Otherwise you'll prioritize EVERYTHING and that will cause lag.


Switch is coming as a device type in the next update. We're trying to get a beta for our VPN Hybrid that allows third party VPN providers

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