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My MODEM and the R1 Cant Work

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Okay so I have a optical fibre internet connection and for it to work i have to use a MODEM type thing which converts the optical fibre signal into the internet i require. Then theres a ethernet wire going from that to the R1 directly. And Im using a PPPoE connection. So Ive put in my username and password but the thing is I keep encountering Internet dropouts. I have confirmed with my ISP, the internet is fully working. I have also tried with another router and it still is working perfectly fine. But with the R1,its not. So internet drops out every 5 Mins and the only way i have figured out to resolve that is to restart it every 5 mins. But obviously thats not ideal. So any idea what may be going wrong? I have tried both unticking and ticking the 'Wifi Work Around' option and ive also factory reseted the router. Still not working. Please help out ASAP guys!



Karan Handa

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  • Netduma Staff

Is this happening on wired devices, wireless devices or both? For wireless devices try the solutions found here: http://support.netduma.com/support/solutions/articles/16000022405-why-does-the-netduma-wifi-keep-dropping-out-


I'd recommend switching the cable between your modem and the R1 as it could be faulty.


Could you find out specifically what kind of modem you have? Thanks!

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