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  1. Is there any way to unbrick it? Like do we have to send it to you? Or is there something we can do? Because it's a big issue and I really really love the router. Please help us team.
  2. Yess the IP address does come through as I'd always get on my laptop and yes Internet access is there too. However I don't understand. So around a month and a half back I start having the issue where in I can't access the Dashboard. It just doesn't load up and just shows me the loading ring. I decide to let it be for a few days thinking it'll fix itself. Still doesn't work so I reset the router very carefully. I've resetted it once last year too so the process isn't alien to me. I do the same thing, but then this happens. How did it break on its own??
  3. Hey, been a couple of days. Left it completely untouched. Tried Turning it on. The beep came, yet nothing. So resetted it again. Heard the beep again. Still nothing. Please I really need your help guys. Been using this for about 3 years now. I really really love the R1. There must be someway I can completely put DumaOS or for that matter, the original firmware back again??
  4. Right so I did have interface protection enabled before. Tried that, didn't work. And Yess Its 100% asking me for credentials. No page would even load. There's just a standard spinning wheel going around in the background while it keeps asking me for credentials. I also chose to change my power adapter with the same voltage since I thought the router may be not functioning properly due to bad power. Performed a fresh Reset. However that didn't help either. What can I do now?
  5. Yess, I've heard the beep. I resetted it multiple times, and each time, the beep came. Is it possible to locally reinstall DumaOS somehow??
  6. Hey So I was having an issue with my router where in I couldn't access the Duma OS Panel. So I decided to factory reset my router by pressing the reset button. I followed the process which has been mentioned in the support guide. However now, when I connected my laptop via ethernet to setup the router, it asked me for a username and password to acces the UI. I tried putting in admin and password , admin and admin. But neither of them worked. I even read somwhere to put in netdumar1 as password, that didn't work either. I've resetted the router multiple times, but it still wouldn't work. Can you tell me how to fix this please. Thank you Regards, Karan Handa
  7. Hi Im using the R1 as my main router to connect to my internet. I'm also using a router connected under it via Ethernet as my Main WiFi device. But the thing is when I go to Device Manager, it says all my devices are offline. However when I go to Network Monitor, it shows all my devices which are using the internet. Can you give me some on help on why I can see my devices in Network Monitor but none on Device Manager. Thank You! Regards, Karan Handa
  8. Hi Okay so I have a optical fibre internet connection and for it to work i have to use a MODEM type thing which converts the optical fibre signal into the internet i require. Then theres a ethernet wire going from that to the R1 directly. And Im using a PPPoE connection. So Ive put in my username and password but the thing is I keep encountering Internet dropouts. I have confirmed with my ISP, the internet is fully working. I have also tried with another router and it still is working perfectly fine. But with the R1,its not. So internet drops out every 5 Mins and the only way i have figured out to resolve that is to restart it every 5 mins. But obviously thats not ideal. So any idea what may be going wrong? I have tried both unticking and ticking the 'Wifi Work Around' option and ive also factory reseted the router. Still not working. Please help out ASAP guys! Regards, Karan Handa
  9. I'm having the exact same issue.I have a plan of 40MBPS Download and Upload both.But from the Duma,I only get 12 Download and Upload.Earlier it worked fine,but the past week,it has been giving me problems.Also,I have a modem which needs a router.Since i have a PPPoE connection,i need to put in the Username and Password.When i Hooked up my modem,directly with the Duma it was giving me terrible speeds.So I decided to get another router and only put in the Username and Password to make the internet work.Then under that I used the Duma as my Primary Router.I know that could mean that the Duma would not work properly but to fix that I disabled Wifi so that All devices in my house connect to the Duma and not this router.So in this setup,No devices are connected to the main router other than the modem.All the devices are actually connected under the Duma so that all the features of the Duma work.Now I did this whole thing a year ago when i got my new Internet connection.And the reason I had to set it up this way was cause the speeds were terrible.But now almost 11 months later,its happening again and I dont know what to do....Is this a bug?Will this Subside itself or is there a problem between my ISP and the Duma?
  10. Umm yes that is exact what I have done.The other router is completly disabled. I already have put in the Wan IP in the DMZ but it keeps saying Nat Type Unavailable
  11. So recently on my Xbox One, I saw that my Nat Type was coming "Unavailable".I looked it up online and basically what you have to do is open up Port 3544.So I did that using Port Forwarding on the R1.But still it said "Unavailable" and still told me to open up Port 3544.I do have UPnP enabled.I actually have another router which is my main router where I receive my internet from and I have set up my PPPoE connection.But I use the R1 as the main router and all the devices are connected directly to the R1 and not to the other router.So basically one router fetches the internet and the R1 is connected under that.But all the devices are connected under the R1.I have even done the whole DMZ thing where you have to put the WAN IP into the DMZ of main router.But still my Nat Type is Unavailable and keeps on telling me to open up Port 3544 when I already have done so.Please Help someone!!
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