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Possibility of Beta Testing

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Hey devs,

I was wondering if there was a way for those of us who are interested in beta testing future firmware updates to be able to sign up? Obviously this would mean agreeing that you and Netgear are not at fault if something goes wrong and have a section on the forum for bug reports pertaining to the beta. If you would like to PM me to discuss this let me know, I would also like for users that are interested to post hear so the devs and mods can gauge interest.

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There's nothing like that at the moment though we will do it from time to time and have done in the past as well. Either by making a post about it for people to sign up to help (e.g. the Fortnite cloud update a little while ago) or we'll contact people directly (e.g. for testing the rerelease firmware with UPnP fix to those who had the issue).

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