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So I’ve done all the WiFi steps they recommended, I’ve been in tech support a couple years so I’m not completely incompetent at figuring out firmware issues. This is out of scope on what it could be that’s interfering with the WiFi. I use to never have WiFi issues, and now it’s becoming a regular cycle of having to restart the router DAILY!!! SEND HELP SOS MADAY!

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This happens to me too, and it seems to be an issue with every firmware version starting 1.03.6. I'll go through a month or so with no dropouts, then it'll start refusing to connect, the R1 WiFi itself will disappear/be undiscoverable, or simply drop out many times per hour and I'll be without a connection more often than not (on my phone anyway, that's easy to keep track of).


Usually changing WiFi channel seems to help in between reboots or factory resets. The default channel (7) seems to work sometimes but then I'll swap to 4 or 10 and I won't see anymore dropouts

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