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DnsMasq heap buffer overflow vulnerability---R1?

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Should I worry about this?   DnsMasq heap buffer overflow vulnerability

Severity: High

Reference: CVE-2017-14491 | Google Security Blog

The affected device's DNS service is running an outdated version of the DnsMasq software which is known to have a heap buffer overflow vulnerability. A remote attacker can gain control of your network device and your Internet connection by sending malformed DNS packets to the device. It allows the attacker to intercept connections and perform a traffic hijack, or execute arbitrary code with unrestricted privileges as well as access all important and private data stored on the device -- your device login/password combination, your Wi-Fi password, and your configuration data.

Any device connected to your network, including computers, phones, tablets, printers, security cameras, or any other networked device in your home or office network, may have an increased risk of compromise.

The issue was fixed in DnsMasq software version 2.78, released in October 2017.

To solve the vulnerability on your device, apply the firmware or system update that contains DnsMasq software version 2.78 or higher provided by your device's manufacturer.

If an update addressing the vulnerability is not yet available for your device, you can secure your router or Wi-Fi hotspot with a strong password to minimize risks imposed by the vulnerability. We also advise you not to visit suspicious websites or run software from questionable sources.




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  • Netduma Staff

For old vulnerabilities like this, I'd say no there's no concern. The R1 has a built in firewall to protect against attacks like these. Even if a fix hadn't been issued in 2017, the chances of being affected by this without a router firewall would be extremely low.

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