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how to find best settings for any game


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forgive the typing errors. not good at typing. (lol never was in school. hated English)

trying to find the basic settings for my netduma r1 and the best optimal settings for any game.

i have cox. my download is 300 and my upload is 30. people say that not hitting turbo helps with some games i quess with lag compensation. i watch whats his video name is sim. what steps do i take. it seems too help. but not having consitant gaming. i do play a lot of cod that about all i play(cant wait for BO4). i thought about following the tour but its not accurate. Everybody internet is different. i went to speedtest and im getting around 248 down and 31 up. but other people should say put what the ips gives you, so im confuse. i need the accurate answer. so anybody out there with the know how please help me with getting the basic settings then the optimal settings for any game. 

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ok i did do dslreport test with hyper traffic on and of these where the results with prioritisation both at 90% down and up with set bandwidth at default which for me is 100 down and 10 up.

at 94% down and 94% up sliders with out hyper traffic= 34 idle 36 down 33 up

at 94% down and 94% up sliders with hyper traffic= 52 idle 47 down 38 up

some people say hyper traffic dont work for them. i think this is why. (a reminder) no one is on the internet but me. so hyper traffic probable would work if some one is on the xbox play game while im on ps4 play cod.

now with bandwidth 300 and 30.

you can forget 94% sliders lol my idle was at 47 and down i think was at in the 30s and up load.

at 70% sliders on both i got after testing a couple of times i get consistent bufferbloat of idle of 35 down 35 and up 27 so thats pretty good. speed test tells me i get between 11-13 ping but i was thinking i can get that ping but dslreport say other wise. that server is in atlanta so it has to get to me. so i figure:) 30 seems my ping.

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  • Netduma Staff

Hi, welcome to the forum! So for your speeds you should always put your -expected- speeds, meaning the highest speeds you receive when you're wired to your Modem and run a speed test. Those figures you have (248 down and 31 up) will be fine. If you go into Congestion Control and type those speeds in the 'Set Bandwidth' box and allow the router to set it up, you should get your full speeds through a wired speed test on the Netduma. (So long as your Anti-Flood sliders are on 100/100.


Make sure these settings are inputted:


- Reactive Algorithm
- 100% anti-flood
- Disable IPv6 in WAN, LAN & misc
- Disable deep packet in misc
- Enable turbo mode
- Ensure the ethernet cables you're using connecting the R1 to hub & R1 to PC are Cat5e+/can handle your speeds.
- Do a wired speed test from a PC
I'd also recommend running an Internet Diagnostics to find out your line quality. If you have line issues then all games will lag regardless of settings - this can only be fixed through changing your Modem / cables or getting your ISP to fix the issue. I hope this helps!
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