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XR500 Dashboard .. ..

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Hoping someone can help  ..

I just got my XR500, set it all up yesterday and everything seemed to be just fine. A few hours later I went to pull up the dashboard and look at the geofilter, all it does is think. I keep getting an error message that it's timing out and the geofilter won't load on to the page. No map, just an empty square with a spinning circle. Now everything hooked up to my connection takes forever to open as well, but it eventually will open. (it's like the wifi just added 20 seconds to open any page now).

Should I do a hard reset and put everything back to original and start again? Or is there maybe a quick fix?

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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I see someone else had the same problem. I swear I looked before I posted and didn't see his post, lol

Going to try doing a hard reset.

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Hey there!

Thanks so much!!

Yes, I did a full hard reset and now my Geofilter is back up and showing on my screen!!

Now to re-configure the XR again.


I can't wait to get it set up again  ..  If yesterday was any indication then the XR500 was probably the best investment I have made for my gaming in a really long time.


Previously my gaming was only mediocre .. averaging 1 to 1 kill/death ratio playing a decent round. (couldn't beat the latency/lag issues here in Alberta/Canada)


I managed to get one game in yesterday on cod:ww2


WELL .. If I didn't bang off a 40 and 4 K/D!!! playing H/C War Machine  ..  It literally felt like I was playing in real-time!


I probably am not the first to say this  ..  but this thing works!! Damn well too!


I can't wait to get it all set up again. Thanks again for the great product, I will definitely recommend Duma o/s to all my friends!


Thanks again!!

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