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DSL Reports upload test is failing

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Over the last week i've ran DSL Reports speed test and the upload section of it fails saying that my internet connection dropped (Download works fine). Also doing a test on speedtest.net i will notice that my upload speeds are cut in half.  Power cycling the router fixes the issue with the test sites,  but the issue seems to return again after a day or 2.  I'll take a screenshot when i run into the issue again as i just tried factory resetting the router to see if its a long term fix

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Great thanks for the update! 


It's working for me on Edge, though I am on a higher version than you. Can you let me know your QoS settings for the test please.


There on the default settings i didn't change them


Firefox seems to work ok too, I don't remember having a problem with edge earlier, must be something with the 2018 April update

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