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  1. I just realized its been a year since the last official software update
  2. changing retry to 5 still get r-apps not loaded after about a week of usage then i have to reboot the router, networking monitor among other things do not work with the error message, i guess ill sign up for the beta
  3. i keep getting r app not loaded errors also, factory reset only works for so long and its back again xr500
  4. I haven't played COD in a few weeks but it was lagging abit and had packet loss also, i believe it is their servers being stressed
  5. Theres been ping spikes and packet loss in just about every game ive played lately
  6. I can't have my bufferbloat setting higher then 20% either while i play bf5 or I get latency variation warnings. (This is running a speed test on another device while i game to test) Thats about 100 megabit on a 475 megabit connection. My family mostly streams video so i don't even really bother with it as i never really hits 100 megabits. CM1000 Modem XR500 Router edit: even with it set to 10% on uploading i get a packet loss warning while speed testing
  7. ive asked this question before they said they were adding an easier way into a later update
  8. Currently the game does not activate the high priority traffic light atleast on pc i had to manual add 3074 Also abit off topic auto ping always seems to be 10ms lower then the reported ping in game. I do not remember this behavior when the router first launched
  9. Is there a way to easily clear the unconnected devices in device manager, i have about 40 of them and having to click each one and press delete will take forever
  10. Am i misreading this or are you really complaining about less then 1 ms
  11. A very long time ago (10+) years i was given a modem that also had VOIP and i had all sorts of issues because i didn't have the phone service, they swapped out the modem and all was well
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