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NetDuma and DumaOS online demo

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Does NetDuma or DumaOS have an online demo/router emulator user interface like the other router manufacturers, e.g. Asus,TP-Link, D-Link, Mikrotik etc.?


I think not many people understand just how different interfaces and feature sets can be while shopping for a router. It also makes it harder to give recommendations because each person's use case is different. With an online demo you can just point! It would show all or most of the features and does not rely on user created content which may not even be available for new devices, precisely when it a device is most anticipated, or may be missing features that a potential customer could want.


Also, does NetDuma or XR500 DumaOS support:

  • OpenVPN client (especially with UDP and certificates)
  • WAN failover
  • USB LTE modem?

Thanks for your help!


If it does not have any of the above, I recommend them as feature requests.

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Hey, welcome to the forum!


We don't have that but it's absolutely something we want to do if we can figure out how to do it correctly so great to hear that you think its a good idea as well.

  • It will do very soon (right now it has a client locked to HMA but we're implementing our VPN Hybrid solution)
  • No I don't believe so
  • No

Those are good ideas though so I will make a note of them.

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