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Fios with TV and Phone

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Whats up guys/gals, 


      Just looking for some thoughts on the best setup for Fios with TV and Phone using the R1. I've done a search and mostly have been finding a mix of with TV and phone and without and its very confusing reading both at one time. Could I get some feed back on setting up the correct way with TV and Phone along with any settings that I would have to implement on either router in order to get the best speeds and gaming experience possible. My speeds are 100/100 for anyone that may have something similar. I'm not very tech savy so any step by step help would be greatly appreciated. 


Thanks in advance!

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As far as I am aware your TV/phone would need to be connected to your Fios router in order to work correctly as it will periodically authenticate that it's legit. Have you connected either of them to the R1 yet to see if they will work that way? I would try that if it's not too much hassle as if possible all devices should be connected to the R1.


If they don't work that's fine just connect them to Fios router and everything else connected to the R1 

  • Turn off Fios router WiFi
  • Put the R1 WAN IP from the device manager into it's DMZ feature
  • Put your bandwidth into the R1 and allow it to auto setup for you
  • Congestion Control have both anti-flood sliders set to 70% when gaming or heavily using the internet - downloading etc
  • Have your console in hyper traffic as well
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i have my netduma hooked up to my ONT..and my fios g11 router hooked up to my netduma..with my ps4 hooked up to my netduma and i use the fios router for wifi..i had to reset both router and do a ip release on the fios router(you may be able to reset the ont instead)

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