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Did I just see myself on the geofilter? ID check please

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Every now and then when I load up IW, it just infinitely (lol sorry) tries to sign in without actually managing to, and tonight I sussed it's fixed by just turning the geofilter off. It's definitely not a NAT thing, more to do with using really strict radius and ping assist values as I was desperately trying to avoid depressing cancerous bipolar sponging rat lobbies. Anyway I unticked enable geofilter, signed in instantly, turned it back on, and since I don't have cookies enabled show dormant hosts was still ticked, so I saw every server worldwide pop up as a red dot. Curiously when I zoomed in and squinted, I noticed there was another dot just off to the side of the UK server, almost hiding behind it. Bear in mind I wasn't in a party and hadn't previously been playing as I was getting online for the first time today, so it wasn't any previous connection retained by the anti-cheat thing. I clicked it, saw an Update button, pinged it and it started out at 0.1ms before moving up towards the 8ms mark. I have NEVER seen a geofilter ping start off at nothing before lol. It also occasionally dropped to 4ms, which I personally see if I use PingPlotter to ping Twitter. Side note: does anyone know why my BT Infinity connection does that (what I can only described as downwards spikes) on PingPlotter? Never saw anything like that on VM cable. Random ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


Anyway, I thought I'd lose the dot as the usual dormant host disappears after a couple of minutes of course, so I rated it 100% to keep an eye on it. This way I could click on it and ping it again if I had any reason to while trying to work out what it was. I didn't need to. I took a break, came back 10 minutes later and while all of the IW servers disappeared from the map, that dot (which was now an "allowed" symbol) was still there!


This may seem trivial to others here but I've literally never seen anything like this before. I've also never loaded up a game with the geofilter off before turning it straight back on, so either that's a coincidence or it's related. I was just wondering if I was seeing myself on the geofilter for some reason. I've suspected I've shown up on the map as a prelobby host before, but then I thought back and remembered most dots would start pulsing if that was the case.


The ID is 9a519964ee39868b, and it seems to be just next to the London server (I'm in Hampshire, so it's a little off). Would someone ie Fraser be able to check this ID, and maybe confirm if it's tied to a BT IP address, perhaps over private message if necessary? I've actually rebooted my R1 to lock in what seems like some sweet new settings so my IP will have changed, but it would be cool to know if that was me on the map because I've never seen anything like that before lol. Maybe my being hidden on the map before affected my ability to pull host or something, because the game would 100% rather crash a lobby or migrate host to a 40ms jittery WiFi player than ever give me host lol. I think I'll try turning the filter off every time I get on and connect to online services now.


First screenshot is from me connecting to online services when I got online, as you'll see by the dots. With dormant hosts showing this dot is actually a faded square.


Second screenshot shows me pinging the square.


Third screenshot shows that it's different from the UK server dot (Temp Ban, 9ms, slightly to the right of the square)


Fourth screenshot shows its appearance after I rated it 100% and named it Me? lol. Note how the servers have disappeared as dormant hosts usually expire after a few minutes, but this one is still there.


Fifth screenshot shows me pinging it as it's still there 15 minutes later. Note the drop to 4ms~, something I frequently see on PingPlotter to any random IP or site, but never to CoD servers. Still can't wrap my head around that.


Again sorry if this is trivial, but it's new to me :D






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I looked this up, and the IP is tied to BT. I reckon that circle is definitely you given how low it's pinging. I guess a congratulations are in order :D

Haha thanks for taking a look Jack. Any idea why I've never seen this before? Like I said I hadn't been connected to anything prior to that as I'd just got online, but I've never seen anything show with with dormant host squares before. It's always just dots to show servers when I first sign in

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