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See how Network Monitor lets you see bandwidth-hogging devices and identify exactly what applications could be causing lag. Network Monitor on DUMA OS lets you see what device or application is hogging all the bandwidth, so you know exactly what may be causing any lag. See in real-time by category of device and application what is using your network. Enterprise-level deep packet inspection automatically identifies hundreds of applications so you know who or what is using your network. So if you experience lag, you can not only see what caused it, but use DUMA OS's powerful QoS tool to make sure you're always ahead of the game.



Learn more about Nighthawk Pro Gaming: http://www.netgear.com/npg/xr500/

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Im a bit confused :s

- Netduma not even mentioned once, the video makes it sound like DumaOS is a Netgear achievement (my router found the cause of lag instead of my fancy router OS found the lag)

- the bandwidth diagramm should have a percentage axis, you really want to have someone with eg a 100mbits connection to count ~4-5 sources a 1-20mbits together to make him realizes hes using say 70mbits of his 100mbits in download right now?

for a newcomer its not clear at all that in this video example theres a huge lag, no infos on the users bandwidth just one big red bar caliming 5mbit of torrent means lag, well it wouldnt if you had a 10gig line but surely does on a 6mbit line


the R1 has a upload and download percentage, so why wouldnt this new interface have one?

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