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Can you get just the software and install on an open source ddwrt?


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Title says it all! Im unfamiliar with this product, i love the idea of it, however i just bought a lynksys wrt3200 acm and im trying to figure out ways to get more gaming features. I mainly play cod ww2 on XB1 and struggle with lag

Connection is solid

Xfinity 150 down

25 up

Ping to comcast using ookla test is 20 ms

I also have a dmz set for my console but i consistently struggle because i die before i see anyone on my screen or can react!

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No. The software has been specifically designed for this router only. Creating the netduma software to run on other routers too creates problems with conflicts and compatability issues that may arise.


the linksys wrt3200acm is a high end high priced piece of crap (with it's stock firmware)......I should know I have 1 in my house.........you are strongly advised to flash it with openwrt firmware such as lede to unlock that routers true potential as it is a beast running openwrt.


HOWEVER if you do not know what you are doing in regard to flashing new firmware I also strongly suggest you do extensive reading before attempting such a move but your router aint much good as it is at the moment.


this is the link for the lede firmware:




select the factory version for 3200acm. There is a 17.1.4 version but it has bugs so this version works great and I have it installed on my wrt3200.


Always install wrt firmware from within linksys firmware or you will erase the linksys firmware partition and you will be stuck with lede.


To switch between firmwares after lede install power off router, reboot router until power light blinks once, repeat this process 3 times and on the 4th let the router boot up......it will then be on the version of firmware you wish to use.





i also made a video a while back on how to do it but i did not include audio but others have followed it and are happy with the result.


my video:  https://youtu.be/OLZeBj2FSZ8


another cause of lag and why you may be dying is if you are gaming through a tv and also listening through speakers. I have a pair of astro a50s for dolby surround sound so I can hear enemies from all directions and I also game on a gaming monitor as a monitor is far better for gaming than a bog standard tv.




Good luck and catch ya laters.




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I forgot to say i use lede with my netduma. The netduma is essential for great game play and i would not be without it. I just wanted to state using lede is not a replacement for the netduma. This forum is for netduma users and my above post didnt mention that!




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