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How To Change COD WW2 Special Helmets - Locate Helmets COD WWII - How To Get Helmets In COD WW2


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Yeah count me in as not knowing this either, now if I could just get my uniforms to stick and stay when I pick'em I'd be set... :D

My uni stays great, but my face and character him or herself seem to swap around on its own and I’m only holding the right weapon about 75 percent of the time in lobbies and hq. It’s kinda sad, even though d2 had its issues at least it seemed to get the tower social space right and this isn’t cod 2 it’s cod what twenty with all these issues. Then there’s the fact no other game I’ve played since online play began, even those with a small percentage of the budget on their first attempt have I had to try batteries, string, duct tape, a foil hat and belts to make online multiplayer work as intended. Can’t complain too much though, cause I’m still on here and in game try, trying again sadly.

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