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  • Netduma Staff

My host/geo filter screen does not show any information about hosts, all it shows is the spinning circle thing.  I use firefox and chrome as my browser.


Please advise,




So you don't see the Geo-filter at all? Try disabling Port Forwarding and UPnP on the Netduma settings, reboot the Netduma, and make sure you're using Google Chrome or Firefox on the default Netduma theme and you're on the latest version.

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Sorry to interrup this thread but it's also regarding the GEO filter.

Ih this screenshot https://imgur.com/a/GOubfthe GEO folter is disabled? The GUI looks different compared to the documentation (maybe an older firmware)


Thank you.

Your correct, the geo-filter in the documentation is an old version. Please don’t hijack threads. It’s best to start your own one if you have something to ask.

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  • Netduma Staff

Thanks, it is working now.


Great to hear! Out of interest, are you now using the Geo-Filter and UPnP / Port Forwarding but everything works perfectly fine? Which suggestion seemed to stop the issue from occurring? :)

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