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halo 5 Bullets are mashmellows

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my bullets don't do anything to anyone but i die so fast its miserable playing now my download is 15d and 1.5 up but still shouldn

t be this bad also have done the congestion sliders and even did the hyper Traffic on please help me need some one on one help

Are you using the geo-filter to ensure you get games close to you?


Your speed is irrelevant to gaming as you only need about 300kbps to game. Run a test from 'internet diagnostics' this will give you an indication if there is any issue with your line. For a more in depth test you could download PingPlotter, ping twitter.com and set the interval to 2.5 seconds. Run the test for a minimum of 10 minutes (30 would be better if possible) make sure no one is using your internet at the time of running the test. 

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