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Configuration netduma - isp router/modem

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New netduma owner.


My conection to isp modem/router is faster than conection to netduma for call of duty ww2 online.


I follow all the optimized settings:



ENABLE: Deep pack processing,upnp forwaring, ipv6, 

Geofilter 1000km 30ms. 

COD profile

Congestion control 80 for ps4

Antiflood 70% 70%

Hypertraffic ps4 


( i have not change any ip settings.)


Already reset both routers, change new cables

It can bet a problem from my ISP Arris mode/router? 

Is a problems with dedicated global servers?  


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  • Netduma Staff

Hi, welcome to the forum! As above, I would recommend disabling Deep Packet Processing. You could also disable IPv6 in LAN, WAN and Miscellaneous settings - as pretty much everyone uses IPv4, and using IPv6 incorrectly can cause your speeds to drop.


You should also reset Device Prioritisation and tick share excess. Consoles / Games use very little bandwidth, so you don't need to give it 80%. I would recommend keeping Device Prioritisation reset to allow all devices to share the bandwidth properly.


If you then set Anti-flood to 100/100 and run a speed test wired to a PC, what speeds to you receive? Also, what speeds do you pay for, and what speeds do you get?

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  • Netduma Staff

Ok i will try this settings, but what do you think of having a ISP router/modem?, do you think i need to make any changes in that setup?


If it's a modem/router combo, I'd recommend setting it to modem mode and turning off the Wi-Fi on it. This will prevent other devices from incorrectly connecting to that over the Netduma. Other than that, your setup seems fine - if everything seems to work, i.e you get the speeds you pay for and a low ping in-game, then I'd leave everything as it is :)

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