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Blank Default Gateway

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Hello Netduma community, I hope you can help!


I bought the Netduma just under a year ago and it was working fine. I had it setup at my old house and then I moved a few months ago. I never got round to setting it up again until now and I couldn't remember the password to connect to it.


I tried to access the interface using the default ip address but it keeps saying timed out.


I've done a hard reset by pressing the reset button and the box beeps and I've tried it again but still the same issue.


I then connected it to the laptop via Ethernet cable and run the command ipconfig but the it shows the default gateway as blank, no digits next to that field. 


This is all I've got and I'm not very tech savvy so ipconfig is about the limit for me!


I hope this is enough to help.





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I used the wrong port in the netduma. I tried it again connecting via port 2 and the default gateway is


However this does not work and get the following message.


This site can’t be reached took too long to respond.


Checking the connection


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Thanks for the guide.


I will give it a go later tonight but I haven’t upgraded as far as I know. I’ve used the reset button at the back as well. Would using the reset button have an impact?




No unless by some very unlucky chance you put it into the built in recovery mode... Either way just pulling the power would fix that. Try resetting again while plugged in until you hear it beep.

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The is working now.

Very strange but thanks to both of you for the help. Maybe it fell out with me for not using it for several months.


One last question. It says at the bottom “R1 debug version 1.03.6g running on rb-951g-2hnd”


Is this the latest version?

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