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Destiny 2 on PC help.

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So, recently i got Destiny 2 on PC as a gift, honestly i wasnt looking forward this version, and i just tested the PVP and is garbage, just like the console version. Yes, it runs very smooth, the 60 fps looks very well and aiming with the mouse is very much accurate (using aim assist with a controller will get you a lot of recoil) but the PVP multiplayer is still bad, im always getting melted in the most of the gun fights, im always getting into lobbies with people from the U.S. and im from South America and yes, im getting booted with beaver code on PC too.


Im using Chive's config but does anyone have any suggestion to improve the PVP?

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TBH i think its all about the weapons you use in Destiny. I am no FPS god but have used Urials Gift, Origins Story and Nameless Midnight throughout and have had some fair results with them. A lot of ppl like the Midas, but i cant get on with it and you see it to much in PvP. 

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