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Can not connect to Netduma

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Hello! I have a Technicolor C2100T modem router combo. I am trying to only use the netduma router. So, when I try to put the modem in apparent bridge mode.. I cannot access modem or netduma.. after a factory reset of the modem.. I get access back. When I unplug the netduma network cable and restart it I can access it through the web browser like normal as long as it is unplugged from modem. Kinda at a loss here for what to do. I want to be able to freely log into the Netduma not just set the settings and not be able to modify it on the fly. Thank you!!

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Any tips for getting open nat on PS4? Showing moderate..


Also, I have 40/5 dsl fiber fed remote dslam.. and running speed tests on dslreports I can have my download at 100% and upload at 95% and maintain A+ bufferbloat rating. I’m quite impressed!


I have 1.03.5m firmware.. should I upgrade?


Does it show NAT Type 2 when doing the internet test? If so that means it's actually open, just means you're connected behind a router instead of directly behind a modem (NAT Type 1).


I wouldn't advise have 100% for download as it won't help if you get congestion. Bufferbloat only occurs when your connection gets saturated, lowering the anti-flood sliders means that won't happen.


Yes I would absolutely advise upgrading, here's the link. Our advise on tech issues assumes the latest version is being used. 

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